Porn Star Martini

Our favourite cocktail - passion fruit with Absolut Vanilla and a shot of sparkles on the side


A subtle taste of spice and citrus fruit. Served with Schweppes lemonade and fresh fruit

Woo Woo

A true classic! Smirnoff Red vodka blended with Archers Peach schnapps and cranberry juice

Sex on the Beach

Smirnoff Red vodka and Archers Peach schnapps, topped up with cranberry and orange juice

The Godfather

Jack Daniel’s and Disaronno mixed with Coca-Cola

Blue Lagoon

Smirnoff Red Vodka mixed with Blue Curacao and Schweppes lemonade

Cheeky V

A modern classic! WKD Blue and Cockburn’s port mixed with Schweppes lemonade

Long Island Ice Tea

Jose Cuervo Gold, Bacardi Carta Blanca, Gordon’s Gin and Cointreau blended with Funkin Sour Mix and Coca-Cola

Disaronno Sour

This one’s for the sour lovers! A refreshing citrus cocktail with a delicious almond kick

Purple Rain

Blue Curaçao mixed with Sourz Cherry and topped with Schweppes lemonade

Rum Punch

Bacardi Carta Blanca and Captain Morgan Spiced rum mixed with passion fruit juice and mango purée

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