Say goodbye to ‘I’m not sure’ and hello to ‘I’ll have that!’

Ever looked at our wide-ranging menu, stacked with meaty delights and perfect puds, and couldn’t decide what to have? Well, now you can sample our great-tasting comfort food, before you get stuck in – to help make your mind up.

We give you, the new Scratch ‘n’ Lick Menu.

Our flavour-experts have teamed up with a top-notch team of engineers to create a lickable menu that will give you an actual taste of what’s on offer.

How it works

The technology behind the menu, LickTech, follows the scientifically proven ‘Tongue Map’, outlining the different taste receptors on your tongue that are connected to the flavor profiles in your brain. Using this information, LickTech sends messages to your brain every time you lick the photos of food on the menu – so you can literally get a taster for what you’re about to order.

Is it safe? It sure is! Our menus are created using Sani-Surface™, a revolutionary material developed to ensure complete sanitation ever time it’s licked.

“I licked the Double Dipped Rib Eye photo and it tasted like succulent steak – I couldn’t believe it!”

“A mind-blowing way to try mouth-watering food”

Why not try it for yourself?

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Fooled you!

We’re just kidding – the Scratch ‘n’ Lick Menu is an April Fools’ joke.

Unfortunately, we haven’t launched our foolishly good lickable menu (just yet…)

What’s no joke, is that our brand spanking new Menu will be arriving at Flaming Grill near you on 12th April.

Click below to find out more – we’re not pulling your leg this time!

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