Redhead rates at Flaming Grill



To mark Prince Harry’s 30th birthday on Monday 15th September national pub restaurant brand Flaming Grill is giving ‘redheads’ 30% off food for one day only.

Those who aren’t lucky enough to be ginger like his royal highness shouldn’t worry as anyone sporting flaming red hair –wig or otherwise – can also get their hands on this hair-larious offer.

There’s no need for a voucher. Pick one of the 100+ Flaming Grills to visit on Monday 15th September with flaming locks of hair and ask for the ‘Prince Harry flaming redhead rate’.

Michelle Fisher, brand manager for Flaming Grill, said: “From everyone at Flaming Grill we’d like to wish our Prince a Flaming Grilliant birthday, and we hope to see lots of redheads celebrating his 30th with us on Monday!”