Red Hot Rugby



Friday 30th October 2015

South Africa v Argentina

The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, Kick off: 20:00


Saturday 31st October 2015

New Zealand v Australia

Twickenham, London, Kick off: 16:00

If you know the offside rule better than you know your own name but the word scrum is lost on you, Then we’re here to help! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rugby, Flaming Grill is bringing you our Flaming Rugby Rules for Dummies!


In 1823, whilst William Webb Ellis was playing a game of football (which he hated), he protested the rules, picked up the ball and ran with it. It was from that moment, that the gentleman’s game of rugby was born! The trophy the winning team gets to take home is the Webb Ellis Cup thanks to what William did in 1823.


• A hooligan’s sport, played by gentlemen.
• Rugby is a free-flowing game that features a combination of strength, speed and strategy to move a ball into an opponents territory.
• The objective of the game is to score more points than the opposing team.
• Played with an egg shaped ball. No pads, no helmets, just balls.


• There are 15 players in each team, 8 forwards (strong) 7 backs (fast).
• The game consists of two 40 min halves with a 10 min grilling at half time by the manager.
• Each team must wear matching shorts, socks and jerseys. Studded boots are also essential.
• Players use tape to keep their ears on!
• The referee wears a microphone, so listen out for some Flaming one-liners.


• In 2011, London Wasps scrum half Joe Simpson registered a pass of 48.0mph. The fastest recorded pass in Rugby’s history. Will you see a faster one at this year Rugby World Cup?
• Rugby is the national sport of 3 countries; Wales, Madagascar and New Zealand.
• New Zealand’s, Dan Carter scored 257 conversions for New Zealand between 2003-2013. Kicking the most conversions in an international Rugby Union career.
• Rugby balls are oval because they used to be made using pig bladders, which were oval shaped when inflated. Oink Oink!


Forward Pass – The ball cannot be passed forwards. Sideways and backwards are fine.
Tackling – The painful looking part, do not tackle around the neck or above and no wrestling moves. You must tackle with your hands and shoulders. Remember it’s not football!
Scrum – 8 players from each team pack together with their hands down and their shoulders locked to try and grab the ball. It looks messy but takes great skill and tonnes of strength. A scrum is given for a minor infringement e.g. knock on, forward pass or accidental offside.
Ruck – A ruck is formed with at least 1 player from each team.
Maul is like a ruck but the tackled player is still on his/her feet.
line-out – like a throw-in in football but more fun. The two teams line up and a ball is thrown between them, the two sides jump to win the ball.
Knock-On – Is when a the ball is dropped forwards.


A try is scored by grounding the ball in the opposition’s in-goal area. 5 points are awarded.
Conversion is a free kick that the team is awarded after a try to earn 2 bonus points. A successful kick needs to pass between the upper posts and top bar on the goal.
Penalty kick will gain a team 3 points and is awarded to a team when the opposing team causes an infringement.
Drop goal can be kicked out of the hand as long as the ball bounces first (that thing Jonny Wilkinson did against Australia to win the World Cup in 2003). A drop kick can earn a team 3 points.


• What to drink – Pint of Guinness, cocktails are usually frowned upon.
What to wear – Team jerseys, represent your country!
What not to wear – no big hats, you don’t want to ruin anyone else’s view!
What to eat – finger food, use your hands like the players do!