9 sporting fails we can all relate to


1. When all you can do is watch the ball sail past

Dog playing football

2. When your game of football becomes a Total Wipeout

3. When you’re ten minutes into a run and all you want to do is …

4. When you put everything into your swing but still manage to miss …

Man playing golf

5. When your heroic try doesn’t quite go to plan …

Scoring a rugby try

6. When the struggle is real...

Struggling at the gym

7. When you have to accept that your skills can’t pay the bills

Boy kicking a ball

8. When despite all your best efforts you just can’t hit the back of the net

9. When your attempt on goal would be more suited to a rugby pitch than a football match

Gaelic football posts

But, when it all goes to plan…

And if all else fails…

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