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7 reasons why Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day


The 25 December may get all the attention during the festive season, but to our mind the day before can be just as good, if not better. Here’s a list of 7 reasons why Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day.

1. You’re the only one who has left all of your Christmas shopping to the last minute meaning shops are empty. The shopping trolley dash has never been easier. #SmugChristmas

Man playing with moustache

2. The festive period has many perks, but let’s face it, nothing beats the food. Christmas Eve gives you a chance to warm up for the big day. It’s time to stretch your stomach for all that turkey, go hard or go home!

American Platter

3. As much as you love them, being stuck in a room with your nearest and dearest for up to eight hours on Christmas Day can be a bit much for even the best of us. Christmas Eve, on the other hand, is the perfect excuse to grab a load of your mates and head down the pub.

Men at the pub

4. The Christmas tree is filling up nicely: parcels, bags, a carefully wrapped present from Aunt Mabel, and you’re still under the impression one of those presents could be that Rolex you’ve always wanted rather than the socks you get every year.

Excited kid

5. Food glorious food! Your fridge now looks amazing, and has done so for about a week now. You’ve resisted for this long, but if the day has got Christmas in the title, it’s time to indulge in some late night fridge raiding. And the best part is no one’s around to share! Or you could stave off those hunger pangs by trying our epic new Jingle Burger!

Man looking for food in fridge Jingle Burger

6. It’s officially party season, start it off right! Anyone for a Jagerbomb?

Try a jaegerbomb or shot

7. And finally, the pressure is off because there’s simply nothing more you can do. Songs are blasting, the shopping is done and the wait is almost over.

Man dancing for Christmas

And if it all gets a bit much on Christmas day, just remember Boxing Day football is only a few hours away.

Boxing Day football
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