8 Christmas party fails to avoid this year


There’s no denying that the festive season is almost upon us. Festive music is playing, mince pies have landed in the shops, and the annual work party is almost here.

To get you prepared here’s a list of the eight most common fails to avoid during this year’s Christmas party.

1. Taking the Christmas jumper theme just one step too far …

Hipster with moustache

2. Getting into the party spirit before the drinks have started flowing …

Movember beard

3. Busting out some of your behind closed doors moves in front of your colleagues …

Wild West Movember moustache

4. Failing to realise that she’s just not that in to you …

Two cool guys with Hulk Hogan moustache

Allen Morrison

5. Talking too much about work …

Ron Burgundy Movember moustache

6. Serenading, slating, or attempting to seduce the boss…

Ron Burgundy Movember moustache

7. Having a wardrobe malfunction at a pivotal moment …

Ron Burgundy Movember moustache

8. Missing your ride home… and taking the long walk home …

Ron Burgundy Movember moustache

For a flaming Awesome Christmas party that’s sure not to disappoint check out our Christmas pages.

Ron Burgundy Movember moustache
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