9 of the most ridiculous reasons for not going to the pub


It doesn’t happen often but once in a blue moon, just like England winning a match, your mates will let you down and refuse to come down the pub.

Here’s a list of just some of the most ridiculous reasons for not heading to the local for a swift pint or two.

1. Sniff, sniff…might be dying (possibly man flu) craving attention…

Man playing with moustache

2. Netflix just launched a whole new series

American Platter

3. It’s a full moon and I might turn into a werewolf

Men at the pub

4. My gold fish drowned today ☹

Excited kid

5. I ate too much

Man looking for food in fridge

6. I don’t have anything to wear...

Try a jaegerbomb or shot

7. I’ll be there in five minutes… *switches Xbox on*

Man dancing for Christmas

8. My freezer broke and I have to eat everything before it goes off

Try a jaegerbomb or shot

9. I promised my girlfriend I’d have a mud mask and mojito night…(said nobody ever!)

Man dancing for Christmas

Don’t let your mates get away with ridiculous excuses for not coming out for a beer. Tag your mate on our Facebook page if they’ve ever tried to get away with a rubbish excuse, or if you’ve got a better one, share it with us.

Manu Shouting

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