The 7 Stages of a Pub Quiz

A pub quiz is an occasion like no other – it’s serious business. The ritual begins as teams takes their seats and eagerly wait as the answer sheets are handed out. Pre-game eye contact between rivals is kept to a minimum, it’s time to get in the zone. Tonight is your night.

1. When you talk tactics

You’re sussing out the competition and preparing for the pre-match team talk, you know your formation, you’ve been here a thousand times before. James is on sports, Alex has general knowledge covered and no one knows more top ten hits from the 90s than you. Your blank answer sheet is your gateway to victory – you’ve got this.

Emmanuel Eboue listens in


2. When you come up with a killer name

Your quiz team name is your declaration to the pub and sets the tone for how your team will perform - it’s a decision which cannot be taken lightly. It must be clever, witty and the one people will leave remembering. In pub quiz law, you’re only as good as your name.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg


3. When the first round is ‘Arts & Culture’

You did not prepare for this. The momentum you built, the belief you had, it all begins to dwindle away as you’re asked ‘how many plays did Shakespeare write?’ - you pray for multiple choice and dig deep in your memories to that time you watched The Chase, in the hope a nugget of genius will surface.

Trump only knows what he reads on the internet


4. When the paranoia sets in

You scour the room and see other teams furiously scribbling, whispering and high-fiving as they slam their pencil down with an accomplished look on their faces. They must be cheating. You begin to keep tally of how many times people are going to the toilet and start checking under the tables for concealed mobile phones.

Nick Offerman is watching you


5. When you actually know the answer to a question

You’ve kept positive, you’ve kept going, and when others would have fallen by the wayside you held your nerve - you did it, you got a question right! You’re the hero of your team and can almost taste the congratulatory pints…

Sean William Scott celebrates


6. When you’re 100% sure you know the answer and it backfires

You could cut the tension with a knife – you got confident, thought you were on a roll and you messed it up. Shame on you.

Michael Scott grimaces


7. When you accept defeat

You tried your best, it was probably a fix and it’s the taking part that counts. Whatever your excuse this time, it’s time for a beer and a team de-brief, you shall be victorious next week – you can feel it.

Shaun of the Dead raises a pint


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